52 weeks of happy {20/52}

I sadly regret to say I didn’t take any pictures at all this week and that means I can’t post this weeks happy picture.
I’ve be n struggling with painful back and legs and haven’t really gone out the house so we’ve not really been up to much.
Hopefully I can post next week with a lovely happy picture for you.

Wicked Uncle Toy *Review*

When Finley and I got contacted by Wicked Uncle to review some of their amazing toys we were over the moon and happily accepted their generous offer to do so. If you’ve not heard of Wicked Uncle before they’re a company primarily based on helping people who wouldn’t particularly know what to buy someone’s child as a gift. It’s to help people just like myself who doesn’t have a clue what other people’s children would want for their Birthday or Christmas and takes the stress out of having to walk around massive toys shops and getting confused with what to buy for the right age ranges.

So once we received the go ahead to head over to their website with our voucher code we were very overwhelmed with the amount of choice Finley had to choose from.
We were quite thankful for the clever multichoice system they’ve got on their website where you can choose from “Boys” or “Girls” and the ages from “Baby” all the way to the “Teens” and any age in between. It was truly exciting to know I wouldn’t be sat with Finley for hours looking through loads of toys out of his age range! So once we had clicked on Boys aged two we came to another dilemma of what Finley wanted to choose and obviously it was such an important decision he took over!

Once we narrowed it down to the chosen toy we went through to the checkout to also be faced with yet more clever ideas of choosing what choice wrapping we wanted and a card to be added too! So not only can you go on there to buy a present for someone’s little one, but you can also get it gift wrapped and a card sent with it, what a genius idea and if you’re anything like me and you have relatives quite far away, you can just do it all from the comfort of your own home and know they’ve got a present perfect for them all wrapped up and ready for them to open it!

Our item arrived a few short days later and we were quite shocked on how quick it arrived. It came in a generous sized box with air bags wrapper around so there wasn’t any chance of anything being broken, which is always good if you’re needing to send it to someone direct.
Once Finley laid eyes on the brightly coloured box the toy came in he couldn’t wait five minutes before wanting the box to be opened. Once opened I was so chuffed on what we were faced with, a lovely wooden made car transporter and four cars to match! It goes to show you’re better off paying that little extra to get a better-made product and it’s lasted rather well with a very heavy handed 2-year-old the past few weeks, so it’s well worth the money!
This car transporter retail’s on the Wicked Uncle website at £34.95, which in all honesty isn’t too bad as a present for a special occasion. 

 *we were sent this item for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own*

52 weeks of happy {19/52}

This picture makes me happy because..

Even though I’m really struggling to walk these days due to a bad back and bad legs, I still try my best to take Finley out for some fresh air instead of being cooped up all day.

I said to him “want to go for a walk to the shop?” and he nodded. He was so well behaved and even asked for ‘pitcher’ (picture in none toddler language) next this beautiful tree! 

52 weeks of happy {18/52}

This picture makes me happy because..

Even thought it really doesn’t need an explanation on why it makes me happy, just look at his genuinely happy self just as I took this picture. Just lately he’s got himself a really bad temper and it’s changes from happy happy to throwing things and crying in a split second. I’m hoping it’ll be pass soon, but we all know terrible twos doesn’t get any easier.

Despite  his constant teenage like temper he’s still me happy smiley boy deep down, it’s all worth the horrible attitude to see this smile.

Penwizard Personalised Book *Review*

Like most young children Finley absolutely loves Peppa Pig and always has, so when Penwizard contacted me about reviewing a ‘My daddy & Me’ personalised Peppa Pig book both me and Finley were over the moon!

If you don’t already know Penwizard are an online company who let you personalise your own choice of book to star your little ones and even family members. You’ve got loads of choice when picking the right book for your little one. You’ve got Peppa Pig, Ben & Holly and even In The Night Garden to choose from. They even sell amazing Potty Training books personalised just for your child, just to make it that more special and easier for your child to understand (I’ll definitely be purchasing one of these when Finley decides to potty train) You can even create an ‘Adventure Book’ aimed at the older children who don’t like to sit still for a book, these can also be personalised with your child’s name and you can even add their friends in there too. They do their adventure books in Paw Patrol, Cars, Toy Story, Frozen, Micky mouse and much more, ill be buying Finley one of these also as I think it makes the experience a little more personal to the individual child, rather than just a book brought from the shop.

When personalising our book we got to choose which hair colour, hair style, skin colour, eye colour and even if they wear glasses or not. We also got to personalise Daddy too which Finley found quite funny as we got to add Daddy’s beard and moustache on too.

When we first opened the book we all had a little giggle at how much both the characters looked so much like Finley & his daddy. Finley even pointed at the daddy figure as said “Daddy, Daddy” but obviously that came after “That’s Peppa and Daddy Pig Mummy”. I think choosing a personalised book is an amazing idea as it got Finley really interested in the story as he didn’t just get to see what he favourite pig got up too but him and Daddy too!
What makes this book even more surprising is how quickly it came through the post, with it being personalised I thought it would take weeks to come but it was made and posted in a few short days and it was with us in no time! 

This book would cost you only £14,99 {plus postage} which quite frankly is cheap for a Peppa Pig book especially with it being a unique individual book desgined for your little ones. Penwizard has given me a 20% off code for my readers to use, use ‘BLOGGER20’ over at the till, expires 31st of May!


{We have been sent this item for the purpose of this review but all that has been written has been all of my own words and opnions} 



52 weeks of happy {17/52}

These picture’s makes me happy because…

Despite hating walking for longer than 5 minutes, Finley did very well in lasting two bus journeys to Asda & McDonald’s today and two bus journeys home too! He did start getting stroppy towards the end as he wanted to nap on the bus home (still naps during the day, most days). But it’s definitely an achievement and half for him going so far without his pushchair. 

He’s even gone a whole week without his dummy during the day! He’s asked for it a few times but I’ve kept my foot firmly down and told him big boys don’t need them! Time to get rid of it at night too (maybe not for a few months though)

52 weeks of happy {16/52}

This picture makes me happy because…

Since having Finley I’ve really struggled to hold down any genuine friends. Some falling outs due to nothing, moving away from where Finley was born and just genuinely not being able to make good relationships with other women (something I find hard).

So since moving back to Derby a year and half ago I got back in contact with a girl I went to collage with and we’ve got more in common now than ever. Both being mums makes it so much easier to find more things to do during the week when we’d normally be stuck inside doing nothing.

What makes it even better is our children get on like a house on fire! 

(Here’s Finley holding hands with my friends little girl Orlagh, whilst Harley tries to keep up!)


My first Vlog!

So I’ve always wanted to Vlog, even before becoming a blogger. It was always something I wanted to try but never really knew where to start. I asked a couple of fellow bloggers who also Vlog about what I’d need to atleast give it a go and it all seemed pretty easy!

So yesterday (or should I say very last night) I edited and uploaded my first Vlog onto YouTube!

Go take a look;

I’ll admit it’s terrible but for my first go at even editing videos, I think I’ve done quite well!

Please tell me what you think..